Parking at Stuttgart Airport

At Stuttgart Airport there are 7,500 available parking spaces for many kinds of vehicles.

There are a couple of multi-storey car parks, also 5 ground level parking lots too.

See the following parking options within Stuttgart Airport:

Short stay parking lots: They are located in front of the airport premises:

- P3
- P5
- P7

Long stay parking lots: The following parking lots are for long stay parking. They all are covered parking bays:

- Car Park P0

- Car Park P2

- Multi-Storey Car Park P4

- Multi-Storey Car Park P14

- Disabled parking: You can find the disabled parking ways on the ground floor of the several available car parks. They are all located in the airport’s parking lots and in the multi-storey car parks.

Transfer between parking lots and Airport Terminals

There is direct connection between all Terminals and parking lots P0, P2 and P4 from the terminals first level.